New Real Income Builder at L&G to boost retirement funds

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) has introduced a new Real Income Builder to help defined contribution and individual pension investors as well as long-term savers prepare for the future.

The new service is designed as a to-and-through retirement product, aiming to give individual savers clarity and confidence in the real income generating capacity of their savings at all stages of the journey.

Transparent reporting of income will help individuals understand the planning and savings actions they need to take while time is still on their side. It is suitable as a standalone investment choice but can also be used in combination with other investment strategies and decumulation products offered by LGIM.

Commenting on the launch, Lance Phillips, head of active equity at LGIM, said: “We think the clarity that Real Income Builder provides about retirement income potential will be a major help to individuals and advisors in making better planning decisions.”

Simon Hynes, head of UK retail sales at LGIM, said: “Real Income Builder’s investment objectives and approach are well positioned to address the needs of our clients. It brings much-needed innovation to the table as the shift towards more outcome-focused investment solutions continues.”